The Lady in the Harbor stood steadfast on that day.
She couldn't move, or save our people
And,...........she couldn't look away.
While the smoke, and haze, surrounded her,
She stood with amazing grace.
The torch held high above her head,
The light from God..........fell upon her face.

Lady of the Harbor, our Statue of Liberty,
You welcomed us to this place...called America
        from our lands across the sea.
We are not a perfect people, tho' in our souls desire to be.
We are your children, yet your protector, we stand in unity.
We pray to our chosen God, as you stand at the gateway to the sea.
God Bless America, for our Lady of the Harbor
            Our Statue of Liberty.

Dear Lady of the Harbor, mother of us all
It is from your strenght, your steel, your will,
Your " vision" in the Harbor shall not fall.
A poor man, not used to verse, a poem I cannot write.
I feel compelled to speak to you........late, this night.
To say I worship you.. and I, for one, will stand the test.
Please be there in the Harbor, and let me do my best.

I will not give up this land, and I shall not falter.
I will stand beside you, until the wounds of war place me,
.......before my father's Altar.
And then, we still would not have lost, for our hearts were in the right.

My Countrymen don't shrink at what may lie ahead
Go deep inside yourself, live life, and smile instead.

My thoughts in untrained verse, in the middle of the night,
God Bless you Dear Lady........mother of this land
with love I say..............Goodnight.

September 11, 2001
Sullivan County Review, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania
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